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Remote Leadership

September 25th

LeadershipLab: Leading Teams as a Facilitator and Mentor

Remote leadership means assuring commitment, reliability and a cooperative work atmosphere characterized by trust and mutual appreciation. These are leadership challenges that have a decisive impact on the quality of performance in all teams, collocated or not. In virtual and distributed teams they are crucial success factors.

The good news: Remote working has not emerged over night. There is a rich corpus of experience that can be tapped into and well defined leadership principals.

In our one day workshop we explore what it means to lead virtual and distributed teams in the role of a facilitator and mentor.

Workshop design: We begin the day with a short input on the key challenges and principals of remote leadership.

We then turn our attention to the specific challenges you face in leading virtual and distributed teams:

  • Identifying leadership challenges: What key leadership challenges do I face in my team?
  • Identifying critical success factors: What are the critical success factors in my team?
  • Define goals: What do I want to improve and with what impact?

We then get to work on creating solutions:

  • Tools and Practices: What principals and methods of remote leadership can be helpful in resolving these problems and attaining your goals?
  • Identifying critical success factors: What critical success factors need to be considered when applying these tools and adapting them to my specific context?

Patent solutions rarely help improve the quality of remote teamwork. In order to have an immediate and positive impact individual solutions are needed. Our goal ist to help you develop leadership tools and practices tailored to your team and work context. virtual and distributed teams Our goal and purpose: Solutions that fit your specific needs, goals and preferences.

Your EcoCheck Team for "Remote Leadership"

Dr. Arlena Jung and Viola Schönewolf-Dahms

Dr. Arlena Jung

Dr. Arlena Jung

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms


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