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Resilience and Agility - a Powerful Duo!

6. November - 7. November

Resilience and agility have become crucial skills for leaders and executives. Resilience  and agility are more important than ever: Coping flexibly and competently with continually changing expectations and unexpected situations and all this under a high degree of performance expectations and in the context of uncertainty.

Resilience is the ground on which agility grows and prospers. And agility provides Resilience the flexibility to develop situational coping strategies. Resilient people deal with challenges proactively, show a high degree of flexibility in how they deal with difficult situations and tend to develop a sense of empowerment by successfully mastering crisis and overcoming challenges. In short agility is a key strength of resilient people.

The good news: Resilience and agility are not personality traits we are either born with or not. Rather they are the result of the complex interplay of cognitive, emotional, social and neurobiological processes. If we understand and are aware of how these processes interact, we can deliberately influence them.

In our two day workshop we explore this interrelationship. You learn to deliberately Resilience and agility influence these processes on an indiviudual level but also in team and organisational processes. What can you do to strenthen your own personal Resilience and thereyby also enhance the agility in your team?

Workshop design: We start our journey with a short input into the most important insights of positiv psychology and empowerment research.

You then are given the opportunity to explore the interplay of emotions, coping strategies and cognitions you exerpience in your working life. Resilience and agility only work well together when you understand how they influence your everyday work life:

  • When do you manage to face challenges heads on and actually gain strength and confidence from dealing with them?
  • What circumstances are stressors for you creating blockades driving you to impulsive behaviour or ad hoc decisions

We then focus on tools and practices with which you can enhance both your inner strength and your ability to react flexibly to stressors. You learn

Resilience and agility are also dependent on social factors. The last part of the workshop is devoted to understanding what you can do in your role as a leader to

Two interesting and exciting days of self reflection and insights await you. You learn to understand yourself and others on a deeper level, gaining discovering the potential of resilience and agility for both for yourself as a leader and for your team.

Your coaching team for "Resilienz and Agility - a Powerful Duo"

Dr. Arlena Jung and Viola Schönewolf-Dahms

Dr. Arlena Jung

Dr. Arlena Jung

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms


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