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Internal Communication - Empowering Employees

December 11th - 12:00

EcoCheck: People Oriented Communication

Companies, employees and customers are all currently facing the tasks of dealing with completely unexpected challenges. And this in a situation in which is impossible to make realiabel predictions about the immediate future. A decisive factor in the longterm effects of this crisis for your company will be the quality of your internal communication. Our aim and purpose: To help you develop a communication policy that is both people oriented and aligned with your short and longterm goals.

Dealing well with crisis and periods of uncertainty is not only a matter of good risk management. It is about seeing the situation as a chance and opportunity. Crisis and periods of uncertainty are a chance for developing employee trust and loyalty. Y

In our three hour workshop we develop a communication plan with which you can have both an immediate and a longterm impact on employee relations.

Workshop design: We begin our worksohp with a short input on the core principals of internal corporate communication in times operiods of uncertainty. Then it is time to get to work. Together we develop a communication poliy for your company:

  • What are the current concerns of our employees? What fears, insecurities and challenges are the currently facing?
  • What information do they need and want?
  • What emotional messages do we want to transport in the current situation?
  • What are your short and long term communication goals? What values do you want to adhere to and remain faithful to?
  • How can we remain transparent and clear in areas of high uncertainty?
  • What communication tools and plattforms are best for transporting your messages and engaging in a real dialog with your employees?
  • What can you do in your leadership role to realise the communciation policy of your company?

Three intense and productive hours of work await you. Your benefit: A clear communication policy with which you can both have an immediate and lasting impact on your employee relations. Start creating the employee relations of tomorrow by shaping your corporate communication policy today.

Your EcoCheck Team on "Internal Corporate Communication - Empowering Employees"

Dr. Arlena Jung and Stephan Blässing

Dr. Arlena Jung

Dr. Arlena Jung

Stephan Blässing

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms

Dr. Arlena Jung

Dr. Arlena Jung

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms

Viola Schönewolf-Dahms


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December 11th
9:00 - 12:00
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