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a chance and opportunity

 a chance and opportunity

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Using change as a chance and an opportunity

We live in a time of continuous and rapid changes. Digitalization, technological innovations, disruptive market developments, and globalization demand of individuals, teams and organizations the ability to continually change and adapt.

When we feel overwhelmed we tend to resign or resist. We want to rescue the familiar and stay within our comfort zone. In this state of mind we don’t notice that avoiding change costs energy and strength.

Change is always a chance and an opportunity. It is a chance to clarify goals and reflect on underlying needs and assumptions. It is an oppoturnity to confront and overcome fears and insecurities.

The willingness and also desire to face new challenges and try new things requires courage and confidence. With someone to back you up and accompany you on your journey you can use changes to develop new strengths reach new goals.

What to expect of in our leadership coaching? Together we define goals that are worth fighting for. We develop strategies for dealing with challenging leadership situations. We help you activate and develop the resources you need to achieve your goals.

We coach

Top executives
Team and department leaders
Young executives and professionals
Professionals at critical junctures in their lives and career-paths
Führungskräfte Coaching

Enhancing your leadership skills

In our leadership coaching we help you deal proactively with the challenges of people management. A capable leader is able to respond individually to each employee. The ability to enforce unpopular decisions is, however, also a crucial leadership skill. Succesfully measuring up to both expectations is a matter of leadership style but also of management tools. Together we develop leadership strategies tailored to the specific leadership challenges you face.

Succesful managers continually evaluate and re-evaluate their leadership qualities. They creatively re-think their leadership strategies and develop new appraoches to leadership challenges. In our leadership coaching we help you continually improve your leadership skills, focussing in on the specific skills you need and further developing your potential.

Strengthening your resilience and coping capacities

In our leadership coaching we help you deal with stress factors and strengthen your resilience.

The continual pressure to perform and deliver high-quality results, project crisis, new responsibilities and leadership roles. For many professionals these stress factors have becoma a regular part of their work life.

Both young executives and experienced managers frequently find themselves driven to the limits of their capacities. The consequences are well known. They are increasingly prone to making mistakes, losing their inner stability and strength. If these phases of stress last too long or are too frequent the result is more often than not a burn out

How can you end the cycle and regain vour inner balance, motivation and focus? The first step is recognizing and acknowledge the symptoms and taking action.

In our leadership coaching you learn to maintain your inner balance in high pressure situations. Together we work out strategies for reducing stress factors. We help you set priorities, delegate and when necessary set boundaries. With self-management techniques you learn to deliberately activate your resources and strengthen your resilience.

In our leadership coaching we help you regain your inner strength, energy, inspiration and Resilience .

Conflict Coaching goal-driven and solution-oriented

In our conflict coaching we help face conflict dynamics by focusing on goals and positiv outcomes. On-going tensions among colleagues or with supervisors, power games and elbow politics in teams are stress factors with high costs both in terms of productivity and well-being.

Konfliktfähigkeit ist eine wichtige Führungsqualität. Je länger ein Konflikt anhält, umso schwieriger wird es, ihn aus eigener Kraft zu lösen. Häufig sind Werte, Prinzipien und Ziele bedroht, die für uns einen hohen Stellenwert besitzen.

Insbesondere dann kann ein Konfliktcoaching helfen. Im Konfliktcoaching helfen wir Ihnen, klare Ziele zu formulieren. Wir unterstützen Sie darin, Konfliktdynamiken mit der notwendigen Souveränität zu begegnen. Gemeinsam erarbeiten wir Lösungsstrategien, die eine nachhaltige Wirkung entfalten. Unsere Ziele und Anliegen sind nachhaltige Lösungen. Wir wollen, dass Sie Ihren Berufsalltag wieder mit Freude, Kraft und Zuversicht genießen.

Our coaching


is based on
  • our own many years of leadership experience
  • our professional expertise on leadership challenges, group dynamics and the psychological of work relationships
  • our authentic interest in people and our desire to help them shape their lives in accordance with their needs, desires and goals.

We are acknowledged experts in communication skills, organizational psychology and organizational sociology with in part over 20 years of leadership experience. We accompany you on your journey as your personal sparring partner, consultant and …coach. We help you achieve your goals, successfully cope with challenging situations and deal proactively with organizational changes.