Leadership training 4.0

Leadership training 4.0

 motivating people, navigating success


Leadership Development Training


Motivating employees

You learn to understand the effects of different leadership styles on employees and gain an differentiated understanding of organisational context factors.

You learn how to deal effectively with group dynamics. YYou gain an in depth understanding of conflict dynamics and are able to recognize conflicts at an early stage. You are familiar with key de-escalation strategies and to develop solutions that have a lasting and positive impact. You evaluate your own leadership qualities, identifying growth areas and broaden your range of leadership strategies.

  • motivating employees
  • understanding and influencing group dynamics
  • leadership styles
  • conflict management

Our trainings are for executives and professionals wishing to enhance their people skills.

2 days

Leadership Training

We train

Top executives
Team and department leaders
Young executives and professionals

Conflict management a key leadership competence

You learn to recognize and deal effectively with diffrent conflict types. You gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of conflicts in professional life, their causes and the effects of psycho-social factors on how they unfold. You are able to identify conflicts at an early stage and practice applying key communication techniques to de-escalate the situation. You learn to develop solutions that have a lasting and positive impact.

  • understanding different types of workplace conflicts
  • conflict dynamics
  • recognizing the stages of conflict escalation
  • applying deescalating strategies and resolving conflicts

Leaders and professionals wishing to improve their conflict management skills.

2 days

Solution-oriented communication techniques

In your professional life you are probably often confronted with the challenge of evoking a co-operative solution-oriented attitude in your communication partner.

What strategy and communication technique can you use in order to create a constructive and open atmosphere? How can you structure the discussion in order to find effective and lasting solutions to which all parties are committed?

In our workshop you attain a clear understanding of solution oriented communication techniques as a essential leadership skill in teams and among peers. The techniques are simple but not easy.

  • active listening, pacing and leading
  • defining goals and soluction critieria
  • question techniques
  • identifying and activating resources
  • structuring discussion

Executives and professionals who wish to improve their communication skills.

2 Days, Maximal 15

Leadership Development


individually trailored programm

Effectively using the potential of a leadership development program:

We develop leadership programms specifically tailored to the needs of your executives.


Leadership challenges and qualification goals

In a detailed briefing we specify the leadership challenges of your company and identify the key qualification goals.


Iterative learning processes

Inputs that build on each other, continually deepening the participant’s understanding of communication techniques, motivational factors and group dynamics. Illustrations and exercises based on the concrete leadership challenges of the participants.


Practice groups and individual coaching sessions

Das Arbeiten in Entwicklungsgruppen sowie begleitende Einzelcoachings ermöglichen eine gezielte Fokussierung von Führungsherausforderungen und eine individuelle Entwicklung von Potenzialen.


Organizational and communication experts with decades of leadership experience

Organisations- und Kommunikationsexperten mit langjähriger Führungserfahrung - Mit unserem Trainer-Team bekommen Sie Trainings auf höchstem Niveau.


In a detailled briefing we specify the leadership challenges in your company and define qualification goals.

learning journey

We create the ideal conditions for a lasting impact on leadership practices and the leadership culture in your company.


    In between the individuel training modules our trainees work together in peer groups and have the opportunity to explore their personal leadership challenges in individual coaching sessions.


    We are a team of organisational and communication experts with years of leadership experience. Our mission: Trainings of the highest quality.