Sustainability through Change

Conflict Management


Conflicts at the workplace are not only a burden to individual employees. If they are not actively addressed, they have a long-term effect on overall performance and motivation. Conflicts among leading executives effect the moral of whole departments often leading to inter-departmental conflicts involving all hierarchy levels. The consequence: Demotivation, frequent sick-leave and employee fluctuation. A consequence that entail high costs for companies.


Easily inflammable and recurring arguments seem preprogramed. Past injustices, mutual distrust, one’s own anger and a feeling of helplessness and disempowerment make a resolution seem impossible. The conflicting parties have the feeling they have tried everything only to continually be confronted with the uncompromising attitude, rejection and maybe even unscrupulousness of the other party. Ideally the underlying issues are identified at an early stage and a solution-oriented discussion initiated. If not conflicts tend to develop a negative dynamic that the conflict parties seldom manage to put an end to of their own accord.


Based on our psychological and sociological understanding of conflict dynamics we help the conflict parties rebuild the empathy and trust needed for a solution-oriented conflict resolution. With a professional understanding of organizational conflict factors we facilitate the identification of constructive solutions. The goal of our conflict consulting is to re-establish functional working relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. We see it as our responsibility to work towards robust solutions that hold out to the strains of everyday work-reality, establishing strong and healthy work-relationships.