Sustainability through Change


Organizational Consultancy

We follow an integrated approach, understanding organizational challenges in connection with your strategic interests and business agenda. With increasingly complex, dynamic and competitive markets as well as the diversification of customer demands companies face new challenges.

As organizational experts, experienced consultants and sparring partners we accompany you in all phases of your change and organizational development processes. As change experts we are committed to developing a change architecture that has a lasting impact on your organization. With a holistic understanding of organizations we assure that the crucial success factors for your change projects find adequate solutions.


Leadership Training

Our seminars and workshops are designed to assure an effective and lasting transfer into your work life – with interactive methods, well-founded and precise trainer Inputs, case studies based on the real life experiences of our participants, group feedback and trainer feedback.

We also offer in-house seminars and workshops tailored to the specific goals, interests and needs of your organization and participants.


Leadership Coaching

We assist you as your personal sparring’s partner and leadership experts in your strategic carrier and business decisions, in further developing your management competence and enhancing your leadership skills. We coach you in conflict management and in understanding and effectively shaping group dynamics. As experienced coaches we accompany you in reaching your individual and personal goals and in your individual and personal change processes.


About us

Conscientious consultancy means to us looking beyond the symptoms to the causes. Our approach is systemic: We do not consider change projects as isolated enterprises but rather view them with a professional understanding of the interrelationship between organizational factors, strategic goals and psycho-social dynamics. This enables us to design a change architecture with formats specifically tailored to optimally meet the challenges of your organization. We are committed to developing and implementing change processes that have a positive and lasting impact on our clients and their companies – noticeably in the actual day-to-day leadership practices and operational processes.

Friedrichshagen is a district of the Berlin region Treptow-Köpenick, on the north bank of the lake “Müggelsee”.

As a settlement founded by the order of Friedrich II. v. Preußen, by royal decree cotton mills run by villagers from Bohemia und Schleswig settled here, living in simple clay timbered houses. Commissioned with the production of silk, the villagers of Friedrichshagen planted several hundred mulberry trees, some of which can still be seen in Bölschestrasse.